The most valuable asset we possess is good health; physical, spiritual and emotional. Did you know that most disease is the result of trapped emotions? Traumas that occur in life which we internalize, show up as physical symptoms. Along with healthy lifestyle practices it is important to release these trapped traumas. Sequential treatment is one part of Heilkunst which addresses emotional trauma. Heilkunst is a complete medical system. When under the care of a Heilkunst practitioner, you can expect; the systematic treatment of various shocks and traumas that are impinging on your life force and preventing optimal health; the remediation of inherited predispositions giving rise to your current condition or laying latent, waiting to arise when your defense's are down; constitutional and emotional support; therapeutic education and principled regimen guidelines. The Heilkunstler recognizes the appropriate jurisdictions and can determine if your health concerns are the result of unhealthy lifestyle or an inherited disease.