About Karelyn

Karelyn Vickers Gaines DMHA, DAHH is a holistic and wellness practitioner of Medical and Animal Heilkunst Medicine.

I began my studies with Hahnemann College for Heilkunst when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I witnessed the devastating affects of chemotherapy first hand and knew there had to be a better, more effective way to work with cancer. In doing research on alternative cancer care, I came across Heilkunst and shortly thereafter, my mother was working with a Heilkunstler. When it was clear that the chemotherapy was going to cause my mothers death, she abandoned all conventional therapies and continued to work with her practitioner. This happened in 2007, and today she is cancer free. I pursued training in Heilkunst to work with and help people and their pets live their best lives.

There is an increasing need for alternative medicine in the veterinary world as well. I have been working with animals for many years and have seen a devastating decline in the overall health of many species as well as an incline in diseases an animal should never be stricken with.

I am pa​ssionate about working with and empowering all people with the information necessary to improve the health and longevity of themselves and their beloved companions.

Medical issues such as skin problems, allergies, diabetes, cancer, behavioral issues, mobility, chronic pain, organ function, digestion, neurological, degenerative concerns, visual disturbances and much more can be addressed by Heilkunst. The ill effects of over-vaccination, poor diet, chemical treatments and other allopathic insults can be gently reversed with Heilkunst treatment.