Fees and Services

Medical Heilkunst: Personalized treatment for you

Consultation Fees

Initial consultations: In Person or distance

$150.00 (60-90 minutes)

Follow up visits will be every 4-6 weeks and will last from 30-60 minutes

60 minute follow up: $75.00

30 minute follow up: $35.00

Acute care 

Established patients: $35.00

Non patients: $ 75.00

What is included

All remedies are included in pricing

Supplements are not included

Animal Heilkunst: Personalized treatment for your pets

Initial consultation includes: Consultation in person or distance 

Case analysis, remedy selection and remedies $80.00

Supplements are not included

Follow ups: 30 minutes $40.00

Preliminary consultation $40.00

The preliminary consultation gives the owner/caregiver a chance to explore Heilkunst/Homeopathic care for their pet before committing to a full work up. Does not include specific treatment recommendations.

Clinical nutrition consultation  $40.00

Smart start for new owners   $40.00


Consultation includes: 

Species specific diet recommendations

Species specific general care guidance

Introduction and training information

Information on alternatives to conventional vaccines and other allopathic protocol

Behavioral analysis and consultation.

Includes dogs cats horses and goats  $40.00

I am happy to make house/farm calls on the Big Island of Hawaii