Heilkunst for you and your pets

Hawaii Heilkunst for animals is dedicated to empowering all animal caregivers with vital information to improve and prolong the life of your pet. Poor nutrition, allopathic medications, vaccines and chemical products are some of the reasons for many of the health problems seen in the animals we care for. Skin problems, allergies, behavioral issues, separation anxiety, diabetes and cancer are just a few of the conditions we are able to address with Heilkunst. 

Heilkunst includes both curing of disease and supporting the body's innate capacity to restore balance. It's highest aim is to remove the blockages that prevent you and your pet from reaching your full potential on all levels of being-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Healing reaction occurs in humans and animals

The life force that enlivens our material body, keeping it in harmony and setting the tone for our overall health, has two parts.

The substantive side is responsible for keeping the body in balance and responding to things like nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle choices. The imbalances that reside there are resolved by the law of opposites, which is giving or taking away of something in order to restore balance or homeostasis.

The generative side which is reproductive, is involved in the generation of life. By understanding that contracting a disease is a generative act, it makes sense that destroying that disease requires a medical intervention that affects the generative power. The act of curing means the use of a resonant medicine to destroy the disease on the basis of the law of similar resonance.

After taking a deep acting remedy, you and/or your pet may begin to feel better, a week to ten days after, you may notice a slight worsening of discomfort or symptoms, this will pass, This is called a healing reaction, it is the body's healing power working to eliminate waste, rebuild tissue or whatever is necessary to rebuild balance after the curative remedy has done it's job.

Heilkunst Treatment

When you and/or your pet begins treatment with a Practitioner of Medical/Animal Heilkunst, you will be asked to provide a list of all traumatic events that have occurred in life from birth to present time, this is the traumatic timeline. Natural law allows for the cure of these disturbances in the reverse order, so you will be treated for the most recent one first, going back in time. The purpose of this is to remove the blockages that prevent you from moving forward so you can reintegrate into yourself and begin the journey to a healthier state of being.

Regimen and Medicine

Unlike conventional therapeutic treatment, you will be required to qualify for medicine. This means that we will take a close look at your lifestyle. We all have a life force which is dynamic, parts of which are not material or chemical. This life force has two sides, one side represents the wisdom of the body that balances, supports and heals. All natural healing methods work with this side. This is the realm of treatment referred to as regimen. The other side is where the disturbances we refer to as disease dwell. Disease can be compared to an impregnation where no amount of nutrition, herbs, drugs or exercise can remove. Curing disease is in the realm of treatment known as medicine.