What is Heilkunst?

Heilkunst is a German term which means 'The Art of Making One Whole' or the art of remediation. It is a system of Medicine discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. It is a principled approach to curing acute and chronic conditions, which adheres to the laws mandated by nature, ensuring the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm.

The Three Realms of Heilkunst Treatment

Therapeutic Regimen 

Regimen refers to the lifestyle of the patient. It includes: nutrition, hydration, dormation and recreation. All areas of the patient's life are discussed in order to eliminate imbalances and to strengthen the physical and energetic body in preparation for the use of energetic medicine.The approach is to look at a patients individual needs which are created by their unique biochemistry, and design a lifestyle plan that works for their body.

Therapeutic Medicine 

Each patient will be asked to create a timeline which contains the traumas of their life. The timeline will include traumas of a physical and emotional nature (surgeries, vaccines, death of family members, divorce etc) and will be listed chronologically starting with the most current first. Each event impinges upon the life energy of the patient, causing weakness and susceptibility to disease and imbalance. One by one, all diseases stemming from these traumas will be energetically destroyed using remedies. Gradually the patient will feel themselves become stronger and healthier as the process continues. Their symptoms will disappear and a healthy state of mind will surface.

Therapeutic Education 

False beliefs and fear about the world and our place in it, hold us back from reaching our truest potential and fulfilling our divine purpose. Heilkunst seeks to destroy the false beliefs by shedding light on the truth. Fear is replaced by love.